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Welcome to the world of three famous women who watched the shaping of our nation from the front lines of history.  Nora Brooks brings the lives of Robert E. Lee, Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson and Ulysses S. Grant to life through first-person living history performances. 


These are the stories of women who watched America go through the great crucible of the Civil War. In these performances, the past comes alive as they share the dramatic tales of the past.   Meet the husband and father behind the great general Robert E. Lee through the eyes of his youngest daughter, Mildred. Anna Jackson, widow of Stonewall Jackson, takes you back to the battlefields of Virginia. And Julia Dent Grant reveals the soul of Ulysses S. Grant that history has forgotten.

 Each performance is biographical in content, fully researched and presented with humor, drama and passion.  Nora presents in full period dress and  thrills to interact with the audience.  Questions on the characters, life of the soldier, military events and the era in general are welcomed and lead to lively discussions about the many facets of this time in American history. Audiences of all ages will enjoy this step back in time.


Lottie Moon is remembered today for the offering taken by the Southern Baptist Convention every December to support foreign missions around the world.  But her story is so much more than just that.  Listen as Lottie tells of her birth and education in Virginia, her independent spirit and her conversion to sacrificial living dedicated to Jesus Christ.  Lottie served  as a missionary in turn-of-the-century China for 40 years, testifying to God's love for all mankind.  This program is a story of the Civil War era south and the birth of the Southern Baptist Convention, but more importantly what the impact one life given to God's service can have on eternity.


Just added!  Abigail Adams knew a totally different John than the one bantered about in textbooks.  Let Abigail walk you down the Freedom Trail as a new country is born from the fires of Revoltuion and struggles through the pains of maturing to greatness.


Nora is also available to speak to groups on the Life of George Washington.  She is glad to address all aspects of the Civil War including military engagements, medicine, prisons, and the home front.  

Mildred Lee at Lee Chapel, Lexington, VA
Anna Morrison Jackson in Lexington, VA VMI/Stonewall Jackson House Biennial Symposium
Mildred Childe Lee at Lee Statue, Richmond, VA
Mildred Childe Lee at the Raleigh Civil War Roundtable, Raleigh, NC
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